Hello world!

Becoming part of the blogging world has been on my mind for some time now. As I write this first blog my heart trembles with the anticipation of people reading, and caring about what I say.  Creating this blog was not  a well planned activity, but rather a happy little stumble I made onto this site.  I actually found this site after clicking “like” in response to a great education post I read earlier. Therefore, I hope to take advantage of being at the right place, and the right time. Not bad for 7 A.M on a Saturday morning!

Now that I have gotten over the initial fear of starting a blog, I suppose I need to commit my purpose for a blog with this initial post. For starters, I feel safe here. I don’t like to consider myself shy, because  it leaves a terrible sense of vulnerability, but my colleagues would probably say its true. As I slowly unravel and extract my ideas  out for the world to see, I guess my first goal is to just say , hello.


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